Top Picks for Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

Marijuana Delivery in Santa MonicaWe’re living the convenience age. Nowadays, almost everyone opts for delivery. It started with pizza, then came food delivery companies like GrubHub and you can’t forget Amazon and the drastic change it made to online shopping. Delivery is just convenient. Even when it comes to medical marijuana. Did you know that you can legally have someone deliver you a bag of weed?

Well, now you know. Sometimes it’s not always easy to make a trip to a dispensary. Delivery services make it easier for patients with disabilities and patients who are too ill to travel to dispensaries to access marijuana.These Internet-based services advertise menus of marijuana strains and edibles along with prices for users to pick from. Easy, right?

Santa Monica Delivery Service Options

Take a browse at our top picks of Santa Monica delivery services and see if you can find your next go-to service.

Benny’s Farm

The individuals at Benny’s Farm pride themselves on being,  “…cultivators, connoisseurs and activists for patient rights…” by providing an array of “pharmaceutical grade cannabis that tests negative for heavy metals, mold or pesticides.” Basically, they offer environmentally friendly cannabis that is free of chemical nutrients. What makes BF stand out from the rest? It’s cultivation process! It’s the only medical marijuana facility to grow using the same developed system NASA uses to grow food in space.” The amount of water and nutrients used compared to traditional growing methods differs greatly and it also recycles the water used to grow the plants, and sanitizes and reuses the growing medium-a first.

The site is straightforward and makes ordering a smooth process. All of their products are found on a single page, which eliminates the hassle of clicking between pages when deciding what to order. Their prices are perfectly displayed next to the amounts that they offer making it easy to stay within your budget. Be aware though, that there is a small surcharge when using a credit card. So whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa or concentrate they can provide you an earth-friendly high that’ll help you stay green.

Green Door West

It’s 2016, of course there’s such a thing as vegan, organic and pesticide-free marijuana. Green Door provides patients access to cannabis grown organically, sustainably and locally. The site is mobile-friendly and even offers the option to chat with their budtenders in case you have any questions. You can easily navigate between their edibles, flowers and topicals while selecting between your preferred strain. It gets better. You can track the delivery online and receive GPS updates.

Their product selection varies substantially compared to other delivery services and they’re even known for throwing in a few freebies like prerolls or chocolate.

Quality Medical Marijuana Online

If you’re looking for high-quality product produced by individuals that keep the benefits of the medicine in mind, these two companies are some of your best options. They cultivate their products in an environment that promotes medicine that helps your body or mind with the highest grade and purest quality creating an all-natural cannabis. There are quite a few online medical marijuana services but when it comes to quality, these two companies fit the bill.

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