Not all CBD Oils are Equal: Understanding the Differences

Not all CBD oils are the same. If you are using cannabidiol, or CBD, for therapeutic reasons, then it is vital that you understand the differences between products or risk using ineffective ones. As science continues to reveal the medicinal benefits of CBD, oil-based products are becoming insanely popular. The market is flooding with CBD products, making it vital that you do your homework. Recently, as California began testing products in its pot industry, officials discovered that manufacturers are either lying about cannabinoid concentrations on product labels or sending them…

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High Quality and Healthy Cannabis Products Available Online

Are you nervous about the quality of cannabis products you can buy online? Well, don’t be. There are literally dozens of companies dotted around the country that will deliver your order safely and discreetly to your doorstep and who ensure that their products are safe to consume and of top quality because it is essential to their future success. Online stockists pride themselves on fresh, quality product and are generally able to offer a far wider range of goodies than can be found at your local dispensary. What is high-quality…

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Study Shows Medical Cannabis Lowers Alcohol Sales

Medical Cannabis

Many researchers have been studying the impact on humans of weed, and how it impacts use of other drugs. This is also a major concern for medical marijuana Santa Monica companies as most of would like to know competition to their businesses. A recent study by Georgia State University and University of Connecticut researchers shows that medical cannabis legalization has led to a fall in the demand of alcohol, with some states experiencing sales decline of up to 15 percent. In this study, the team obtained alcohol sale records of several…

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Unique Stoner Gifts for the Holiday


It is the holiday season and it is always about who gives another person the best gift. It is the reason you would find many people doing a bit of research to find the right gift for their friends. Depending on your friends, you can always have some ideas. What if your friend is a stoner? You can always have some fun memories later on when you reflect on the gifts you gave each other as stoners. You can always make your friends holiday season better by choosing any one…

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Israel Police Ease Sanctions on Home Marijuana Growers

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Illegal Pot Farms Contaminating California Water with Banned Pesticides

California’s forests are hiding plenty of illegal marijuana farms. Now, toxic chemicals from these operations are seeping into streams and rivers, feeding the state’s water supply, and making the water unfit for human or animal consumption. Fears abound now that all living creatures in parts of California are at risk. Evidence of potentially deadly pollutants in watersheds across Central and Northern California is just the latest environmental damage done by thousands of illegal marijuana plantations, which, according to law enforcement, are mainly drug cartels growing weed for customers in other…

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10 Famous People Supporting Marijuana Legalization

Famous People Supporting Marijuana Legalization

More than half of the United States has, to some degree or other, decriminalized or legalized marijuana.  With the legalization of marijuana in various states, ordering weed online has become very easy. In these times, the celebrity-worshiping voting public did not get there without some familiar and influential faces. Notable film and music personalities have always been outspoken about their support, but now, even religious icons and travel writers are doing their bit to spread to marijuana advocacy. Without further ado, here are 10 famous figures influencing public opinion of…

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Could a Public Cannabis Bank in California Work?

cannabis bank California

Operating a marijuana business is risky. The all-cash environment is inconvenient and a target for criminals and the whole fiasco is the direct result of federal prohibition. Some banks and credit unions provide the industry with limited transactions under FinCEN guidelines, but most will not allow marijuana companies to access any of their services. In desperation, many canna-business owners experiment with crypto currencies and pre-paid options, such as Tommy Chong’s Green Card, but over the last months, a bold new initiative is gaining popularity: A public bank. More and more…

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Study Predicts a $5 Billion Market for Recreational Marijuana in California

recreational marijuana in California

In coming years, legal cannabis sales will add billions of dollars to California coffers and attract millions of domestic and foreign pot tourists to the state. This is according to a new study, funded and commissioned by the regulatory agency responsible for supervising the beginnings and workings of the new recreational marijuana market. Conducted by researchers from the University of California Agricultural Issues Center at the University of California Davis, the study estimates that recreational pot sales will account for roughly 60 percent of California’s cannabis industry in the future,…

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Is Medical Marijuana Threatening the Pharmaceutical Industry?

marijuana and pharma industry

When cannabis legalization becomes the bellyache of certain health experts and politicians, it is not kids causing their worries. Marijuana in California is, debatably, the safest, most effective medical herb on the planet. Its legalization and widespread acceptance would instantly render millions of pharmaceuticals obsolete. Establishment drug lords and their Congress lackeys would need other ways of becoming stinking rich. Marijuana as a Replacement for Painkillers Legal drug pushers would lose the population’s dependence on them. People need no longer rely on painkillers, psychological drugs, or other lethal pharmaceuticals to…

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