Things You Won’t Do In Santa Monica, CA Even with Marijuana Legalization

The passage of the much-waited Proposition 64 in California placed the medical and recreational marijuana in a new special position among other drugs. In fact, it came as a breakthrough to the growers and manufacturers of medical marijuana products. But does this mean that everyone in California can do whatever they want with the drug? Well, that’s, of course, not the case and it’s good for the industry players to know that it’s still possible for one to be prosecuted if the law finds them on the wrong side of affairs. Besides that, it’s good also to note that there is profound confusion between the state and federal law.

Legalization of medical/recreational marijuana was intended to help those in the medical field explore the drug and make maximum use of its benefits. However, there are those in the black market who were waiting for the approval, so they continue with their affairs in the pretext that they are acting within the law. That’s why the law makes it clear that it’s medical/recreational marijuana only and not anything else. It will be wrong to do anything outside the provisions of this law that has received a big boost both in California and beyond. For the avoidance of doubt and landing in the wrong side of the law, here are things you won’t do even with the legalization of medical/recreational marijuana:

Smoking Marijuana in Public or Everywhere

You will still be slapped with fines if you are found smoking in public. Even if your doctor recommended that you take certain amounts, you’d have to make sure that you are smoking or using the medical marijuana products at the right places. Remember that the use of this drug by minors is still prohibited. Smoking in public where everyone sees you will have a negative impact on non-smokers and minors who should not come in contact with this world’s most trafficked drug.

School grounds are among the places you should not think when smoking your recreational/medical marijuana. In fact, such grounds are always under a care and if you happen to smoke there, you’ll have yourself to blame should the law enforcers find you. Though some see the fine of not more than $100 as not a big deal, the fact is that you risk facing a jail time if you’ll rack up several offenses. To be safe and avoid all these, smoke only at the designated places.

Driving While High

It has been, and it will always remain illegal to drive while high. So if you thought the legalization meant that you use the drug and get to the road, then you might not be lucky. Though the drunken laws can’t translate with a lot of ease, you can still find yourself being arrested for this crime that has been claiming lives of innocent people on our roads.

Though there have been controversies with THC testing, that doesn’t mean that you drive while high on the drug. You should also be very careful and if possible, you ought to know your THC levels. “You can be THC positive a week after…used cannabis” says Professor Mark Kleiman, an expert at the New York University. On the contrary, Dale Gieringer says “You can be very stoned but not have high THC level” Scientists are, however, finding ways of solving this. But in the meantime, avoid driving while high.

Carrying More than the Allowed Amounts

You will still be fined for carrying more than the allowed amounts of marijuana. The law makes it clear that if you are 21 years and above the amount you are authorized to carry is 28.5 grams and below. Any amount higher than that makes you liable to a fine or even a jail term for repeat offenses. Indeed, you can be only safe if you know what the law says and you are abiding by it. Knowing the limit is very vital and a must if you want to enjoy peace of mind. For cultivators, the amount you can grow is up to six plants. For marijuana extracts, you can carry up to 8 grams only. Keep all these limits in mind, and the law will protect you.

Selling to Minors

It remains a felony, and it’s punishable to sell marijuana to minors. Besides that, you should also not attempt to carry out butane extraction at home. All these affect minors directly and indirectly. Committing these offenses will just attract fines to you not forgetting that you can also be jailed. If you intend to cultivate, produce or deal with products manufactured from marijuana, ensure that you are doing what the law accepts.
Indeed, marijuana legalization won’t solve most of the cannabis-related crimes. Everyone already in the industry and even those planning to enter it should have all these things at your fingertips. Still, it’s not possible to do everything you want. So don’t think that passing of the Proposition 64 opened up the industry to everything. Operate within the law, and you’ll be safe.

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