Cannabis Shops are Thriving in Oregon

There are no worries anymore for those involved in the sell and purchase of marijuana in cannabis-friendly states. The cultivation, trimming, manufacturing, licensing, control, reporting and tracking of marijuana sales for recreational purposes have proven to be uptight since the wave of legalization started. This has been a booming year for recreational marijuana sales and the trend is expected to continue. With time, everything revolving around the industry will work out and it will be business as usual for the marijuana industry. Marijuana entrepreneurs are taking a day-at-a-time. For instance, there have been three very successful weed stores in Brookings, Oregon.  One of the owners presented a report showing that he had paid monthly sales taxes of $10,000. This is equal to gross marijuana sales of about $40,000 for each month. Marijuana business entrepreneurs say that they have been very lucky to have a long list of clients both for recreational and medical marijuana use and the trend has continued to grow on a daily basis. The wake of cannabis legalization in different parts of the United States including California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts is believed to tag along such benefits. Business for marijuana has been very good in Oregon. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) that has been monitoring marijuana sales gave reports that were in excess of $160 million sometimes in October 2016.

Sales for recreational weed have been very high. Some of this boost has come at the expense of the beer industry. Customers for recreational substances have spent more on marijuana than on alcohol. The city Finance Director, Janell Howard said that the liquor sales tax collection took a 16% hit by mid October.  As though that was not enough, another store is making plans to start up within the city. At the end of the day, there will be six marijuana dispensaries operating in one area, the Brookings-Harbor.  Most of the people in interviewed in an informal Facebook pool said that they can support as many weed stores as can be borne by the market. Since the market has become freer in recent times, fair competition has sprung up. In the end, some will shy off from the competition and close down. Oregon is an example of what remains in store for the marijuana industry across the United States. California buyers are also in the mix and for the cannabis dispensaries in the state, they definitely cannot lose. Voters in California just changed their weed law to decriminalize adult possession of marijuana.

The continued establishment of marijuana shops around the US is something that the federal government will have to live with right now. A good portion of Trump supporters came from whites without college education, most of who are believed to be the main stakeholders in the marijuana industry. For Trump, he pledged support for state laws on pot and apparently the weed industry will continue to thrive. This is especially because Trump has other dear issues of immigration and economy that he wants to address. Although weed entrepreneurs feel threatened by Trumps actions of appoint anti-marijuana lobbyists into his government, there will be little to worry about because the focus will be shifted elsewhere. Also, reports say that Trump will have to discuss with his cabinet secretaries on policies before they can take office. The underlying fact is that, many more people are getting into marijuana retail business and we don’t know how the situation will be as the recently passed marijuana laws in some states take effect by 2018. It looks like the federal government will feel the pressure and give in. Maybe, that’s a choice for feds to reflect on. For now, we can only wait and see.

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