Unique Stoner Gifts for the Holiday


It is the holiday season and it is always about who gives another person the best gift. It is the reason you would find many people doing a bit of research to find the right gift for their friends. Depending on your friends, you can always have some ideas. What if your friend is a stoner? You can always have some fun memories later on when you reflect on the gifts you gave each other as stoners. You can always make your friends holiday season better by choosing any one of the following stoner gifts.

Advent calendar filled with pot

You can always be creative when it comes to the gifts. The use of advent calendars filled with marijuana as a gift is something that is becoming popular. You can jump onto the train of such gifts and get it as your unique gift. It all depends where you get to buy the calendar. You can end up with various flavors so that you could enjoy the pot each other day with a different flavor. The price will also vary depending on the type of flavor you get to choose.

Get a gadget to help with making better pot edibles

When it comes to adding pot to your brownies or any other edibles, there is the need to make sure that you get to heat it first. The aim is to help turn the THCA compound into THC. This should now help you with getting high easily as compared when you would not heat it first. This process is called decarboxylation. For those who just smoke their weed, no need to worry about this process. Some people might heat their weed in an oven for this process, but you can always get a professional product to do so. Get a commercial decarboxylation that will help with the process and get it done perfectly.

Get a book on growing weed

There is no doubt that at some point, you would want to have your own Santa Monica marijuana growing in the garden or pot. If you have no experience in growing weed, then a guide could come in handy. One of the best books you could use is Grow Your Own. This book comes with a 200-page guide to help you with growing your favourite weed strain. The best part is that you get step-by-step instructions. You can always follow them and go back where you do not understand. It will teach all you need to know about growing marijuana and end up with a great harvest.

Fancy bongs for stoner

Stoners would spend a lot of time with their bongs after the ordered marijuana just got delivered. It would be great if you can upgrade your friend’s paraphernalia to make his life better. No one would not want to get a better bong. You can always go for something unique and made of glass. It looks like many manufacturers are choosing glass as their favorite material to make the best bongs.

Just like marijuana delivery in Santa Monica, you can always have the gifts delivered in no time. Make sure that you shop in a reliable store that delivers on time and gives you quality products. You do not want to end up giving your friends some cheaply made gifts.

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