Popular Marijuana Edibles You Should Carry While Camping with Friends in California

marijuana edibles for camping

It is a well-known phenomenon that when cannabis is consumed, appetite increases enormously. This is known as “the munchies”. There are a number of popular marijuana edibles that are perfect for a camping trip with friends. In California, marijuana has recently been legalized. This has led to a vast increase in marijuana in the region for both recreational use and medicinal purposes.

Another area that has yet to be investigated is the use of cannabis as a superfood. Many are using it to gain a euphoric high or to treat illnesses. However, marijuana has many nutrients, vitamins and compounds inside it that make it a nutritional powerhouse. We can expect to see health enthusiasts, athletes and vegans all use the herb for its potency in terms of nutrients and vitamins in the near future.

Why does Marijuana make people hungry?

Many have contemplated what exactly is in marijuana that gives munchies makes people hungry. It cannot be debated that appetite for food of all kinds increases enormously after cannabis consumption. The answer appears to be a combination of a number of different things. However, the primary cause of cannabis related hunger is the THC content and its role in appetite.

To put it simply, there are certain receptors in the brain that control appetite. They release hormones which tell our bodies that we are hungry, and then we eat. It appears from studies that THC mimics the effects of these hormones and tells our bodies that we are hungry. Even if you are just after eating dinner, THC will signal the brain to release hormones which increases appetite. As well as this, THC will also increase our sense of taste, touch and smell. Which makes the food taste all the better and heightens the experience. It also means that it is that much harder to resist food after consuming marijuana. It can’t be debated that marijuana and food simply go well together.

Best Marijuana Edibles to take on Camping Trips

So, what are the best marijuana edibles to take on camping trips? This is a matter of debate among many, however there are a number of heavy hitters who have been popular for marijuana users for a long time. The following is a list of some popular homemade recipes and THC infused edibles.:

1. Canna butter – Cannabis butter is a must when going camping. Because weed butter can be placed on any food you consumed, or simply eaten on its own. There are a number of ways to make weed butter. To make canna butter you need a pound of unsalted butter, a quarter cup of water, a fine mesh sieve, a cheesecloth, disposable rubber gloves and one once of cannabis trim. Simply add the butter and water to a saucepan and set to medium heat until white fat floats to the top. Add the cannabis and simmer.

Once the temperature reaches 190℉, reduce the heat to low and cook for 3 hours, stirring occasionally. Make sure the temperature stays between 190℉ and 200℉. Remove the mixture from the heat and leave to cool. Next, line the sieve with the cheesecloth and place over a bowl. Pour the butter and marijuana solids through the cheesecloth and sieve. Double up the rubber gloves and wring out all solids from the substance. Discard all the solids and leave the butter to cool at room temperature. Do not put it in the refrigerator immediately. Put it in a plastic container and viola, you have created canna butter. It can be spread on anything you wish.

2. Canna chocolate – This is easy to make and all you need is 3 grams of ground cannabis, 100 grams of dark chocolate, a glass bowl, a saucepan and a chocolate mold. Place the chocolate into a heated glass bowl and allow it to gently melt. Mix the finely ground cannabis into the chocolate. Once mixed, pour the liquid chocolate into molds to harden it out. Put molds into the fridge.

3. There are also a number of pre-made cannabis edibles which you can purchase online. Popular brands include Cheeba Chews Deca Dose. Just one chew sized bite contains over 175 milligrams of THC. Another popular marijuana edible is Hashman Infused Sativa Dark Chocolate. This edible is known to make people more creative, an excellent mix of dark chocolate and sativa. Or you could choose Starr 1 Purple Star Gummies, a THC infused gummy candy. All of these are very affordable and deliver high THC content.

There is no longer a shortage of marijuana edibles to take with you on your camping trip. Other popular THC edibles include Waska Medical Cannabis Cookies and Cream Hemp Milk, Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins and Voodoo Sours Gummy Ribbons. Always wait at least 45 minutes for the high to come on. Many campers make the mistake of eating too much to get the high. And then eating even more the higher they get.

Marijuana Delivery California

There is a large variety of choice when selecting marijuana edibles for your camping trip. If you are going on a camping trip, you can order cannabis online and avail of the best marijuana strains for camping. You can then simply stock up on the best marijuana foods for camping in California and make the best of an enjoyable experience.

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