Is Medical Marijuana Threatening the Pharmaceutical Industry?

marijuana and pharma industry

When cannabis legalization becomes the bellyache of certain health experts and politicians, it is not kids causing their worries. Marijuana in California is, debatably, the safest, most effective medical herb on the planet. Its legalization and widespread acceptance would instantly render millions of pharmaceuticals obsolete. Establishment drug lords and their Congress lackeys would need other ways of becoming stinking rich.

Marijuana as a Replacement for Painkillers

Legal drug pushers would lose the population’s dependence on them. People need no longer rely on painkillers, psychological drugs, or other lethal pharmaceuticals to treat their health conditions. Marijuana is replacing painkillers and more, giving the masses true healing for significantly fewer dollars. Because pot is an actual plant, anyone can grow it at home for cents on the dollar.

Statistics show that more people are dumping Pharmaceuticals for cannabis than ever before, particularly highly addictive, extremely dangerous, often lethal opioid prescriptions. People even use marijuana for drug addiction, as it helps to relieve them of opioid dependence. We have seen marijuana slashing opioids for some time now, and numbers will continue to rise in favor of cannabis.

Legalization provides patients with easy access to cannabis, and because of its proven medicinal value, it is a very real threat to those centralized powers controlling modern medicine. Other industries will also suffer from pharmaceuticals. The for-profit incarceration industry will lose thousands of non-violent weed users to legalization, and they will have much fewer people to imprison.

Drug companies, vaccine manufacturers, health care systems, law enforcement agencies, and even the construction, materials, and textiles industries all rely on the prohibition of marijuana, including the ban on THC-free hemp. Cannabis has thousands of valuable uses, but because of prohibition, we are only now starting to discover all of them. The fact that we do not need to rely on these industries is but one.

Economic and Health Benefits of Marijuana

Legal cannabis has well-established benefits for the economy. If the federal government had to lift pot prohibition, it would add billions of additional revenues to the economy every year, and it will provide employment for American citizens. It also has proven health benefits, with science now showing how cannabinoids, THC, and terpenes work to treat most physical ailments and mental conditions.

As public opinion about marijuana changes, the plant is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Marijuana is a healing herb. It is not a narcotic. As such, the drug industry suppresses the truth to prevent it spreading and gaining traction among the populace, particularly among the youth of today, who are increasingly skeptical of patented vaccines, drugs, and other poisons.

Here are just some of the health benefits of marijuana we are learning about now:

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma was among the first legally recognized uses of cannabis. Back in the 1990s, advocates were citing it to advance policies for legal medical marijuana in California, Colorado, and even Washington.

Lung Health

Although smoking is not generally good for your lungs, studies suggest that smoking cannabis can actually improve respiratory function in some people, mostly occasional users.

Seizure Control

THC in cannabis helps to reduce the quantity and severity of seizures. Science proves repeatedly that THC binds to neural cells responsible for seizures and modulates them for highly effective relief.

Anxiety Management

All anti-anxiety drugs have nasty side effects. They are dangerous. Cannabis improves mood and decreases anxiety without any hallucinations, confusion, aggressive mood swings, or suicidal thoughts.

Cancer Medicine

Cannabidiol, which is non-psychoactive, stops cancer cells from proliferating by expressing the gene responsible for it. Several studies conclude this, and it applies to most forms of cancer.


The pharmaceutical industry is losing its grip on the medical market. Cannabis is taking over, and people can grow it themselves. This is why politicians and drug pushers are fighting for a tightly regulated, unaffordable-for-most, centralized authority for all marijuana activity in legal states. If the same people control the weed industry too, they might not notice lost profits on pharmaceuticals quite as much.

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