Industrial Hemp Is Now Legal: Will It Be the Most Cultivated Agricultural Crop In Santa Monica?

Even though many Americans love hemp products, the hemp industry has for a long time suffered setbacks because marijuana has for many decades been illegal in several states. We, however, hope that the strong wave of legalization that swept across the US will change things, so we once again have the many amazing hemp products in the market. For Californians especially the residents of Santa Monica, there is hope that soon, hemp will be the most produced agriculture product in the state, once the Proposition 64 that was passed last year becomes fully operational. In fact, analysts have been making some excellent projections about what’s likely to happen from now going forth. Right from the number of farmers getting into the business of hemp production, to the revenue projection by the state, things are no doubt going to be different in the industry.

The passing of the law in California to make weed legal didn’t open up opportunities for medical cannabis patients and clinics only. Several other parties and stakeholders will also have something positive to celebrate and gain from it. Though we might not be seeing the changes in areas such as cultivations and others, we have hope that once the federal and state laws are harmonized, we are going to start seeing a sharp rise in the number of hemp producing farmers and other parties. It’s only a few months since the law was passed. Therefore, many people are still testing the waters and getting all the necessary things to have their businesses registered and permitted to begin operations.

What Is Cool About Hemp Cultivation/Production?

First, hemp has eco-friendly qualities that make it a good plant worth growing for all the right reasons. Besides that, hemp seed oil is healthy, and we cannot miss recognizing such a great quality that’s not easily found in other plants. That said, hemp remains one of the greatest plants that once grown and nurtured to maturity, can be of great economic benefits to the farmer and anyone involved in the process. Unlike other plants that might have less use once out of the farm, any farmer who grows industrial hemp can rest assured that their product will have a ready market and an array of applications. Even before marijuana was legalized, hemp growing had been boosted in the year 2014 when President Obama signed a law that allowed industrial hemp production by universities and research institutions.

With the new laws that have made it legal to grow or cultivate up to six marijuana plants in California, we’ll see the number of farmers rising from the few at the moment to a high number. As the number of medical marijuana clinics rise in Santa Monica, the demand for the drug will also increase leading to improved prices that will attract many farmers to venture into producing the crop. Similarly, the demand for hemp products will also rise following the legalization of the marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. As a result, there will be need for more farmers to start cultivating industrial hemp to meet the growing demand. It’s just a matter of time before we see these changes taking place in the Santa Monica City and the whole of California, where weed is now legal in the state for medical reasons among adults for recreation.

Hemp Is Great When It Comes to Nutritional Value

Anyone who has given a try to hemp products will agree with us that, indeed, hemp is very rich when it comes to nutritional value. Though its medicinal value is still under research, it has been proved that in terms of nutrition, the product is no doubt one of the best. It’s for this reason that many Americans had been missing hemp products for decades because its production was illegal and one would be sentenced if found committing the offense. With the recently passed law that saw marijuana and the entire industry get attention, we have no doubt the awesome products we missed for decades will be back. Some of the areas that hemp has tremendous contribution include:

  • Heart health
  • Mineral Mania
  • Planetary health
  • Protein power
  • Digestive health
  • Skin health
  • And many others

Indeed, hemp has enormous value when it comes to nutrition. However, it has been underappreciated over the years because of the law that banned its cultivation. Thanks to Californians and all other stakeholders who saw the need to change the trend and give the plant a new place. As the state Agriculture department prepares to regulate the cultivation of the drug in California, everyone interested in venturing into the farming of this product should get all the necessary information. Once everything is set and the industry sets off, we are going to see many farmers getting into the production of industrial hemp. Are you ready to venture into the farming too? We cannot doubt the nutritional value of this great plant. It’s only a few months before the people of Santa Monica make industrial hemp production part of their lives.

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