High Quality and Healthy Cannabis Products Available Online

Are you nervous about the quality of cannabis products you can buy online?

Well, don’t be. There are literally dozens of companies dotted around the country that will deliver your order safely and discreetly to your doorstep and who ensure that their products are safe to consume and of top quality because it is essential to their future success.

Online stockists pride themselves on fresh, quality product and are generally able to offer a far wider range of goodies than can be found at your local dispensary.

What is high-quality cannabis?

To better understand high-quality weed, you must be able to identify low and mid-quality products. Here are some tell-tale signs:

Low-quality weed

While you may be tempted to buy low-quality weed – or “bottom shelf” – because of its cheaper price-tag, ingesting, smoking or vaping can make for a very unpleasant experience. The bud is usually harsh and you can be assured of experiencing a fit of coughing.

Tell-tale signs of low quality

The tell-tale signs of poor quality weed are that it will contain seeds, be dry and crumbly, have a brownish color, contain mold and have a musty smell. Ugh.

Low-quality weed is often old or was not properly cured and dried. Another major drawback is that the older the marijuana, the lower the THC content so you will really struggle to obtain any sort of decent high.

Mid-quality weed

Mid-quality cannabis can be moderate in price but nevertheless delivers enough bang for your buck. You will generally find mid-quality marijuana at dispensaries.

Tell-tale signs of mid-quality

Small buds are the first tell-tale signs of mid-quality

. Although strains will contain a decent level of THC – between 12% and 17% – the smoke is usually on the dry side with no distinguishable aromas. But mid-quality weed will give you a relatively smooth smoke.

High-quality weed

If it’s high-quality weedthat you are after then there is no better place to source it than from an online delivery service.

High-quality cannabis has many labels, including “top-shelf” “craft” and “boutique” and usually has a THC level of 18% upwards. It has great terpene profiles such as wonderful fragrances and tastes.

Other hallmarks of top-quality cannabis include organic cultivation, large and fluffy buds, good hydration, a wide range of colors, sticky to the touch, laboratory-tested, free of pesticides, stored in airproof containers and a smooth smoke producing white ash.

So how much does weed cost?

Prices of marijuana vary depending on where you live but a recent survey found that in:

New York you will pay top dollar for high-quality weed with price tags in the $400 an ounce category. On average, the cost of one ounce of medium to high-quality weed is $305.

California can be regarded as the Land of Plenty because it was the first State to legalize medical cannabis and so stock is always available. State taxes prevent prices from plummeting too low so you’ll pay $310 for high-quality in Los Angeles, $300 in San Francisco and $230.50 in California.

Texas remains true to its “where everything is bigger” reputation with top-shelf weed coming in at $400 upwards. Medium-quality weed can be sourced for about $285.

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but it will cost you in the region of $350 to $400 for an ounce of good quality weed.

Colorado is the place to be when it comes to the cost of a good-quality smoke. On average, medium to top-shelf cannabis retails for $220 an ounce.

Canada is going totally green in October but, in the meantime, you can buy cannabis online for about $240 an ounce for Sour Diesel and $290 for Cherry Pie.


There can be little doubt that buying cannabis online is a trend steadily on the upward climb.

Online services provide users with a hallmark of safety and quality because their products are fresh, laboratory-tested andare top-shelf quality. They also offer a huge variety of strains and price-tags to suit all tastes and pockets.

Another huge advantage of buying cannabis online is that it protects your identity and saves you the time and money it would cost to travel to a dispensary.

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