Different States have Legalized Marijuana: Will the federal government follow suit?

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It is a big win for the marijuana industry. Over 50% of the states in America have decriminalized marijuana for different uses. Initially, cannabis was only permitted for medical use by some states such as California. Medical marijuana patients in California started to use weed following the passing of Proposition 215 in 1996. Over the years, many other states have continued to legalize weed for both medical and recreational purposes. The 2016 election year was a big moment of marijuana advocates. It was the year when California finally approved Proposition 64 allowing adults at the age of 21 years and above to legally cultivate, transport and distribute weed within the state. The provisions for these new laws are well defined and every marijuana user is expected to adhere to that strictly. If you live in Santa Monica, the implementation of recreational marijuana use is due to take its course in the near future. The medical cannabis delivery in Santa Monica has dominated the market for about 20 years now but with the introduction marijuana for recreational use, there will be a shift in the market.

It was not California alone that legalized marijuana in 2016. Actually as it stands now, 28 states in America have passed marijuana laws regulating the use and growing of weed for medical and/or recreational purposes. These cannabis reforms are now taking place in Nevada, Massachusetts, and in Maine among other states. Weed users are required to abide by the stipulated laws and regulations in order to benefit from the success that has been realized with the passing of new pot laws. Despite such developments, the federal government has continued to criminalize the possession and use of marijuana in the entire country. Therefore, weed still remains as a schedule 1 drug in the country. However, President Obama is believed to be signing a bill that will see weed being reclassified as a schedule 2 drug. Is the federal government finally conceding defeat on the war against marijuana? Some people think so while others consider the move to be too late because there is another presidency coming into office soon.

President-elect Donald Trump has throughout the campaigns pledged his support for state reforms on marijuana. He reiterated that the issue about marijuana will be left upon the individual states to decide on what laws to pass. However, the people he is appointing to office leaves a lot to be desired and is sending shockwaves to the cannabis industry. The appointment of Senator Sessions as his attorney general has not been received well in the weed-friendly states. Mr. Sessions has over the years expressed his view on weed saying that good people don’t use cannabis. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will support these continuing reforms on marijuana. At the same time, cannabis is receiving a lot of support from voters across the country and advocates can only wish that the federal government will yield to the pressure.

The businesses trading in medical cannabis in Santa Monica have come of age after a successful 20 years in operation. At this time, marijuana entrepreneurs can only expect further growth and development of the industry. With over half the states in America showing an increased support for marijuana, all stakeholders in the industry have something to smile about. At least, there is some sense coming into Americans that marijuana is not that bad compared to other substances like tobacco and alcohol. With recent legalization efforts, a lot of research is expected to demystify the benefits and truths around this wonderful herb. It has already been used for treatment by patients and much more is expected to that effect.

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