California Slapping High Taxes on Marijuana, Causing Sticker Shock for Some

January first in 2018 is the deadline for the implementation of recreational marijuana in California, where the marijuana shops will be open for business to all adults. Many counties are struggling to meet all of the deadlines and some will fail to have all the necessary rules and guidelines in place. Many counties have simply opted to ban marijuana altogether and wait and see how it pans out. However, this is a risky tactic as many marijuana businesses will establish themselves in marijuana friendly regions, and there they may stay…

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Could a Public Cannabis Bank in California Work?

cannabis bank California

Operating a marijuana business is risky. The all-cash environment is inconvenient and a target for criminals and the whole fiasco is the direct result of federal prohibition. Some banks and credit unions provide the industry with limited transactions under FinCEN guidelines, but most will not allow marijuana companies to access any of their services. In desperation, many canna-business owners experiment with crypto currencies and pre-paid options, such as Tommy Chong’s Green Card, but over the last months, a bold new initiative is gaining popularity: A public bank. More and more…

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Why Legal Cannabis Is 2017’s Best Startup Opportunity?

Legal cannabis business 2017

There is much to suggest that legal cannabis may be 2017’s best start-up opportunity. With the level of legalization, we are seeing the explosion of an entirely new sector of marijuana business and industry. Though many are starting up cannabis businesses it is fair to say that the market is pretty much untapped. And it is quite a large market. Researchers estimate the cannabis market to be in the region of $50 billion, of which most is made up of black market sales. All this money is going to come…

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New Ford Fusions Worth Millions

Marijuana in Ford Fusion

Marijuana is a booming industry expected to generate Billions. Projections estimate that total marijuana sales will be in the region of $50 Billion when black market sales are taken into account. This is good news not only for State and Federal finances but also for small time communities who will benefit from the legalization of cannabis. It remains to be seen what exactly will happen to the marijuana black market. In the first year of the legalization of recreational marijuana next year in California, researchers estimate that up to 30%…

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