Mohawk Firm Poised to Grow Medical Marijuana for Canada

Canada is all set to legalize recreational marijuana next year. It will become the first large scale (the only other country being Uruguay) industrialized county to legalize pot, and other countries are set to follow. In many ways Canada are going to be the standard bearers for the rest of the world. But so far, they have run into many problems and it is widely believed that most provinces will not be ready by the time the deadline hits in July 2018. Many are pointing the finger at the politicians…

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No Hope for Medical Marijuana in Senate

Marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level. Meaning that technically speaking users can be thrown in jail for smoking marijuana, and marijuana cannot be sent across borders as this is a violation of Federal law. It also means that there is much regulatory uncertainty, as businesses can be busted by the Federal government for distributing an “illegal” substance. Further, Canadians crossing the border can be, and have been, deported and banned from the USA from admitting to legally smoking marijuana in their own country. The situation is somewhat bizarre…

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Illegal Pot Farms Contaminating California Water with Banned Pesticides

California’s forests are hiding plenty of illegal marijuana farms. Now, toxic chemicals from these operations are seeping into streams and rivers, feeding the state’s water supply, and making the water unfit for human or animal consumption. Fears abound now that all living creatures in parts of California are at risk. Evidence of potentially deadly pollutants in watersheds across Central and Northern California is just the latest environmental damage done by thousands of illegal marijuana plantations, which, according to law enforcement, are mainly drug cartels growing weed for customers in other…

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What Happens When Taking Cannabis and Pharma Drugs Side-By-Side?

Taking Cannabis and Pharma Drugs

Taking cannabis is an effective medicine by itself, and it does complement many pharmaceuticals in some cases. However, taking pharma drugs with cannabis is not always the best idea. It is imperative that patients understand the potential side effects of specific pharmaceutical drugs, as well as any complications they may cause when interacting with marijuana. For some patients, cannabis helps to manage the side effects of certain pharmaceuticals more effectively. For others, using marijuana could reduce the dosage requirements of some medications. Every person is unique. Cannabis affects everyone differently.…

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Why Legal Cannabis Is 2017’s Best Startup Opportunity?

Legal cannabis business 2017

There is much to suggest that legal cannabis may be 2017’s best start-up opportunity. With the level of legalization, we are seeing the explosion of an entirely new sector of marijuana business and industry. Though many are starting up cannabis businesses it is fair to say that the market is pretty much untapped. And it is quite a large market. Researchers estimate the cannabis market to be in the region of $50 billion, of which most is made up of black market sales. All this money is going to come…

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